Game Development in 2018

Game Development in 2018

For the past few months I’ve been working on a 2D game using LOVE 2D framework and the Lua programming language. Most of this work has happened over the last month as part of a self-imposed challenge for 2018 — Working on side projects every single day. It’s been going pretty well so far so I thought I’d share a little bit about it.

The Challenge

My progress had been super slow since starting late last year so I decided to make myself work on the game every day until it’s either done or I’m sick of it. I’m notorious for not finishing these types of projects so I’m really holding myself to this one this time. Here are the rules:

  • Some work has to be done every day.
  • The work does not have to include a commit.
  • At least one line must be edited (comments count too).
  • It can be any project but I’ve been focusing on my game

Here’s the reasoning behind it:

  • If I work on a project for just a few minutes every day, after even just a few months I should have a lot of stuff done.
  • Getting started is always the hardest part. If I can work on my project for 5 minutes then I usually end up working on it for an hour or more after that.


I’ve made a lot of progress in January, starting with very little. You can check out the project on github: However, looking back on it, it seems that most of the big challenges were sorted out before I uploaded this repository. The heavy hitters like figuring out how to draw objects to the screen and determining when an object have been hit were there on the initial commit (that didn’t work too well back then though). So far learning Lua has been pretty painless coming from a good working knowledge of Python. The two languages are very similar in syntax and methodology. My experience with LOVE2D as a framework has also been great. The docs are very well laid out and all of the methods make sense. There haven’t been too many gotchas so far. I supposed the framework is a little lacking in functionality but I’d take that over a bloated system that’s hard to work with any day.

Looking Forward

I don’t know if I want to turn this blog into a dev blog but I do intend to make more posts talking about this project in the future. I’d like to show off the progress I make and talk about some of my challenges along the way. I might even make some tutorials here and there. So far, I haven’t had much to write about because I’ve mostly been learning basic stuff that other people have already figured out. I’ve also got a few topics I’d like to write about dealing with general development: anything from picking a framework, to goal setting, to dealing with expectations, to finding inspiration, and much more. I’m excited to keep going with this project and to talk about it.

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