End of 2018, Plans for 2019

With 2018 coming to a close it’s time to reflect on my 2018 goals. The goal of working on a project every day for 2018 went way better than I expected. I worked on side projected daily for the majority of the year. From January to September I probably only missed less than 10 days. In October I started a new job so I kind of dropped the whole side project thing temporarily.

As I reflect on 2018, the disappointing thing is that I really didn’t get much work done in all that time of daily work. I think the problem is that I allowed myself to do any amount of work as long as I sat at my computer and did something each day. It probably would have gone better if I set a higher goal for output per session. However, this would be hard to maintain on a daily basis. So for 2019 I’m working on setting a modified goal.

I think I’m going to work each weekend for some time limit (1-3 hours or so) in 2019. I think this will be sufficient for myself to get into a flow state and get a significant amount of work done without being burnt out. In 2017 I read The One Thing. In that book Keller writes about cutting down your daily activities to focus on the important things. I’m terrible at this. On a typical workday I spend 9-10 hours at work and then 90 minutes doing jiu jitsu and about another 90 minutes traveling. I actually can’t believe that I managed to work on my side projects daily with this schedule. This is the core of my new goal for 2019. Right now I basically do nothing productive on the weekends. I’m planning to add more jiu jitsu to my life by going on weekends and also working on my side projects each weekend. In the event that I have plans for an entire weekend (which I do a handful of times throughout the year) then I’ll reschedule my weekend work time for a work day. Let’s see how it goes!

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