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On The First Programming Language

At first I thought I wasn't qualified to write about this but then I remembered something a professor told me while he was going through a thick stack of applications for assistant teaching positions. I believe he had over 60 applications to sift through, meticulously evaluating every students grades, language skills, and degree level. To … Continue reading On The First Programming Language

Governments Hate Cryptocurrencies

A lot of people have written at length about the huge benefits and drawbacks of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Ironically, I think the biggest advantage of bitcoin is also its fatal flaw -- it's mostly anonymous and mostly uncontrolled. It provides a universal freedom that hasn't really been seen since gold started to get phased out, … Continue reading Governments Hate Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain: Am I Missing Something?

Blockchain: Am I Missing Something?

The blockchain is the most revolutionary technology ever conceived by mankind, I guess. If you don't see the power of the blockchain then you're just thinking in the limited frame of reference of a person living in the pre-blockchain revolution world. After all, no one knew how incredible advancements in the development of the internet … Continue reading Blockchain: Am I Missing Something?